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Rooney, E. Ashley and Standish, Stephanie, "Contemporary American Printmakers" Shiffer Books, 2015

Nimmer, Dean, "Creating Abstract Art: Ideas and Inspirations for Passionate Art-Making" North Light Books, 2014

Print Facets
The Curator Gallery, New York, NY

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Par Avion: A cultural exchange celebrating the 50th anniversary
of the Boston/Strasbourg Sister City Association

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Graver, Mark, "Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking (Printmaking Handbooks)", A.&C. Black, London, 2010

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Adam, Robert, and Robertson, Carol, "Intaglio, the Complete Safety-First System for Creative Printmaking", 2007

Articles and Reviews

Kornichuk, Chris, "The Science of Safe" Pioneer Magazine, May 2013

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Graphic Impressions: SGCI International Newsletter
Winter 2013
reproduction of "Another Day, page 6"

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Pioneer Magazine, "Selections from A Day", December 2012

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Burnet, Carand, "No Poisons Used in these Prints", Art New England, Jan/Feb, 2011, p. 20-21.

Bloomfield, Paul, "Liz Chalfin: Looking Back Going Forward", Art New England, October/November 2009, p57

Image to accompany article “Endandered, Who Cares?”, New England Watershed Magazine 2005

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Anderson, Jim "Heroes and Villains," Printmaking Today, Vol. 13, No.3, Autumn 2004, p. 10. Cover image

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Marvin Bileck Printmaking Project Blog- printmaking residency at Bowdoin College, 2012